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NOMAD Tapping Noise - '02 1500

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Hi, All.

I just picked up a Nomad - 2002 - low miles, warranty, etc. My first Kawasaki, I picked it over the HD Road King. I've noticed that the engine is NOISY and I can't seem to pinpoint that confounded high-speed tapping sound that happens at certain rpm's. It's not incessant, nor does it seem to affect the performance, but I'd love to know how to get rid of it.

The dealer said it was normal for Kawasaki big-V's, and not to worry about it. He also said the `1500 is a noisy engine' as a big V-twin. He also added that the windscreen exaggerates the sound by providing a sound path to the rider, and it's really not very loud (huh?) to others.

Other forums say:
1. fuel pump spring can be replaced to get rid of the sound
2. It's from the valve configuration, no remedy.
3. Heavier oil (or lighter oil) is in order, depending on who writes.

Any KAW techs on this forum? I'd love some insight on this bike's engine and how I can maximize performance while minimizing sound ugliness.

btw, I like the bike otherwise - the look is unforgettable, the styling is great, and it (so far) is very nimble for its 750-plus weight. And, when I get the Cobras and the PC installed, I expect it'll just get better.

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1500 engine noise

Brancher and ALL,

I also bought a 02 Nomad with 13,000 miles on it and had the same noise problem. Since you didn't say how many miles this may not be it, but keep the info for future reference.

There are 2 automatic cam chain tighteners which are located at the lower section of each jug. They look like a dome with a bolt in the end. What happens is that the tensioner adjuster extends as far as it will go and the cam chains keep getting looser. The only way you can know if the tensioners are fully extended is to remove them. I suggest that you purchase a Clymer Kawasaki Vulcan Classic repair manual. The 1500 Classic and Nomad have the same engine and many other parts that make this book useful for the Nomad owner.

To fix this, Kawasaki makes a cam chain tensioner "extension". Unfortunately, these extensions are (or at least were 2 months ago) only available through Canadian Kawa dealers. F---, I don't know why and it makes no sense, but that's what I found at the time.

You might do a search through this site for Canadian dealers or ask about it on the VROC.org forums ( http://www.vroc.org/forums/index.php?t=thread&frm_id=2&rid=&S=c4ef5132d6c3a87fe80db50edbe0141d )
A member there provided me with who to contact and a phone number but, per usual, I can't locate it now.

Another person has posted the step by step instructions on how to do this modification which I have copied here (http://www.vroc.org/mailarchive/varchive/msg09487.html).

The parts are not expensive and it is not to hard of a job if you have some mechanical ability and metric wrenches. No special tools are needed. The dealer here in Indy had NO idea what was wrong so it was the same explination you got. They also had NO idea this part existed either. Really gives me confidence if anything does go wrong.

Ron Wade
[email protected]
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