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Just found this board while researching my pending purchase of a 1985 zn1100, I pick it up saturday. @ $850 It's been outside but covered 3 yrs. pretty clean considering. Owner is an older Voyager owner that just couldn't sell it. Runs but carbs are mucky and need carb mount boots replaced. I imagine I will spend some time getting lots of new rubber and seals. Carbs will get dealer rebuild, I will do the rest.

Have not riden in a while, and I KNOW the bike is a bit big for someone who has not ridden much in 20 years but it's a bike I remember drooling over in highschool. But hopefully I remember I am not 16 anymore nor made of rubber.

Anyway, I see some of you can post websites related to specific bikes but I am not finding much on the ZN1100 or 1100 ltd b2 as also listed. I am google literate but don't find much.

I pretty much intend on cleaning this one up and making it road ready and make some short back road day trips...... AFTER I get my license that is....

Well, gonna troll the other sections. Just saying hi.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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