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normal idle, then low idle?

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on my ninja 250, i am having weird idle issues. after my bike warms up, it does a weird thing where it idles really low, like 1k rpms. however, other times, it idles normally at 2k rpms. it seems to be off and on. maybe it is cuz of cold weather issues? i am in seattle and right now the outside temp is like 50 degrees fahrenheit. however, i am having this problem also on normal 70 degrees weather. :confused:

an help is appreciated and thanks in advance

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I got used to it on my 1500. It seems to want to idle a bit differently each time I get on. I let it thoroughly warm up, maybe 15 miles, then adjust the idle. It'll be fine the rest of the day.
Next time you catch it doing the high idle, move the handlebars side to side and see if it changes. You may have a slight bind in the throttle cable.
ok, thanks for all the help. as long as i know it isn't a mechanical problem, i'm happy. only annoying thing is it feels like the bike is gonna die cuz the revs fall so low. >< oh well...
it is normal. i have a 250 and does the exact same thing. ill ride, get to a light and itll idle at 1800 then ride and get to next light itll idle 1100 and then back again. no worries.
My Nomad 1500-FI seems to idle at diffrent speeds alot also.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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