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Normal Running Temperature

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On my 04 ZX6RR i noticed the temperature fluctuating from 170F up to 212. Does anyone know the normal running temp. of the engine. I looked in my owners manual but did not find an answer. Is it normal to go above 200F?
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My 04 zx6r has been to 218. Depends on how hot it is outside. In bumper to bumper traffic on a hot day, mine usually sits around 214-218 at a red light.
Thanks for the reply civic. That a little relief to hear. I guess I'm comparing my car temp to my bike. I never seen my car pass 200F so i assume the same for my bike. Its all apple and oranges I guess.
Yea I was worried about the temperature at first as well. The owner's manual says the temperature will start blinking if it gets to like 232 F. So we're safe. I asked the tech at my local shop and he said it's normal to get around 220 F.
Thats awfully close boderline temperature. I was riding today and sat at a red light for about 2 minutes and watch the digital display climb up slowly, it got all the way to 222F . My legs definitley could feel the fans blowing the radiator and that air is defintley HOT. Anyways, thanks for the info, you brought me some relief. :lol:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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