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O-rings made of gold or what?

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I replaced the oil in my 2004 bayou 250. No problem. I used ordinary castrol gtx 10w40. The oil filter cover o-ring had to be replaced also. WOW. I figured the filter would be 6 bucks or so which was about right. However, I couldn't believe it when the guy told me the freakin o-ring was 6 bucks also. This is ridiculous. Now, it is a real pretty blue color but 6 bucks is a little much. So, heres my question: Could I take this same o-ring to the auto parts store and have them match it? Or, are there aftermarket o-rings and oil filters that are just as good as whats in my atv now. I've heard that fram makes a filter for it that includes the o-ring. Can anyone confirm this? If so, could you give me the filter # so I can pick one up before I change the oil again. I really don't ride my atv much so the money spent on filters and o-rings isn't majorly significant but I just hate to be taken advantage of that way. Thanks in advance for the replies. Greg
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you are much better off with the Wix filter, the construction is superior. Take a fram filter apart and compare it with the Wix next oil change. You will never use fram again.
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