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O-rings made of gold or what?

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I replaced the oil in my 2004 bayou 250. No problem. I used ordinary castrol gtx 10w40. The oil filter cover o-ring had to be replaced also. WOW. I figured the filter would be 6 bucks or so which was about right. However, I couldn't believe it when the guy told me the freakin o-ring was 6 bucks also. This is ridiculous. Now, it is a real pretty blue color but 6 bucks is a little much. So, heres my question: Could I take this same o-ring to the auto parts store and have them match it? Or, are there aftermarket o-rings and oil filters that are just as good as whats in my atv now. I've heard that fram makes a filter for it that includes the o-ring. Can anyone confirm this? If so, could you give me the filter # so I can pick one up before I change the oil again. I really don't ride my atv much so the money spent on filters and o-rings isn't majorly significant but I just hate to be taken advantage of that way. Thanks in advance for the replies. Greg
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From what I've found out over the last hour or so on the internet, it looks like the fram CH6070, Wix24951 and NAPA 4951 are all replacements for the kawasaki filter and all 3 include the 0-ring. That oughtta save me about 8 bucks next time I change my oil. Thanks, Greg
Not to try to revive the thread but I had to finally follow-up. I changed the oil, filter and spark plug last weekend. I ended up buying a wix filter which had the O-ring included. I'm sure the Fram would have been quite a bit cheaper but I couldn't find any. O'reillys cross referenced it and got me the right Wix filter. I didn't need the ring this time, the old one held together fine. I did keep it for next time though. I went ahead and forked out 4 bucks per quart for 2 quarts of the Kawasaki 10W40 oil. I also replaced the spark plug. I think total cost for everything was between 15 and 18 bucks. Not too bad to keep it running right. Hopefully all the work I do on it will be in this price range. See ya, Greg
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