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Off to Australia, motorcycle tour in December

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Well in about 12 hours I'm off to Australia on a business trip. From 12/14 to 12/20 I'm taking a self-guided 6-nite/7-day motorcycle tour from Sydney to Byron Bay and back on a BMW R1200GS. It'll be rough being away from home for almost a month, but the bike trip should be a blast. Average is about 200 miles/day, with the longest day at 275 miles and the shortest day at 95 miles. Lots of pics to come in a couple of weeks :biggrin:

Bike Round Oz - Self Guided tours from Sydney - 'Sydney to Sydney Extended'
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Man! You're the first of my American brethren to visit, since I've been on the forum, it'd be a pleasure and a thrill to meet you while you're here, let me know when you're near to Byron and I'd be more than pleased to ride down and say hello!
Hope you enjoy your time here, it should be great riding up that way at the moment.
Oh man I'm so jealous! I've wanted to visit there for many years. I'm waiting for the pictures and I'll be with you in spirit.
Sounds like a great trip. Let us know about the food ,gas prices the sights, the people etc. Have a great time!! Keep the rubber side down!
Boy am I jealous. Was in Sydney in umm 68' doin some R & R. Fantastic country and fantastic people. Always wished I could go back some time.
Man oh Man does that sound like fun. Yes, lots of pictures please. :D

Ride safe and enjoy every minute of it.
Wow, fantastic! You are one lucky guy. Hope you have a great time (I know you will). Take lots of pics. Oh yeah - did I mention that I hate you;)
Well as some others has said I am so jealous, it sounds like a great trip have fun and stay safe.
My trip to Darwin from Washington DC took the better part of 3 days (after 2 cancelled or postponed flights from San Francisco to Sydney) and then I had 3 days in Darwin without luggage. United Airlines can be incredibly lousy at customer service, they managed to send two 747's fairly loaded with passengers from San Francisco to Sydney without luggage. When we finally got to Sydney, the United baggage manager was surprised -- "What, you don't have luggage?" Well, after postponments and switching and then replacing planes United didn't load luggage aboard. 13 hrs later at the other end of the flight, the Sydney baggage office was totally surprised.

Finally luggage and riding gear arrived in Darwin. I've been working 12-16 hr days and I'll be working straight through until I fly to Sydney early am Friday Dec 14 and then I pick up a BMW R1200GS bike and ride my first leg. I was hoping I might be able to rent a bike here in Darwin for a few days, but except for scooter rentals, I haven't found any available. I'll be ready for a nice ride a week from tomorrow!!!

My scheduled route is:

Friday 14/12 Sydney to Windsor 279 km, 173 miles
Saturday 15/12 Windsor to Cessnock 263 km, 163 miles
Sunday 16/12 Cessnock to Armidale 360 km, 224 miles
Monday 17/12 Armidale to Bellingen 153 km, 95 miles
Tuesday 18/12 Bellingen to Byron Bay 305 km, 189 miles
Wednesday 19/12 Byron Bay to Port Macquarie 410 km, 255 miles
Thursday 20/12 Port Macquarie to Sydney 442 km, 274 miles
total distance: 2212 kms, 1374 miles. Bike rental includes unlimited mileage, so side trips and detours are likely! I was thinking about bring one of my Garmin Zumo 550 GPS units along until I found out that Garmin wanted $320 for the Australian maps. The motorcycle rental depot has units available to rent. I asked to reserve one, and they told me that they'll have a Zumo 550 mounted on the beemer for me when I pick it up!

Thursday night in Sydney, then fly home to Washington, DC via LAX and BWI.

Christo, PM sent.
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Hey Mike!!!!!!!
I'm sorry to read about your plane and luggage problems, but that's expected these days, right?! :icon_frow I am just THRILLED to know you made it safely!!!! I can't wait to hear about your travels there and the touring by bike!!!!!

Ride safe buddy!!!!!
Wow! Have a great trip! Can't wait for the pics and the ride report.
Today's temp in Darwin was around 94F, humidity around 70%. Hope you're enjoying the small snow back home :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Today's temp in Darwin was around 94F, humidity around 70%. Hope you're enjoying the small snow back home :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Oh boy....rub it in :cry:
I miss riding so much....I'm having withdrawal BAD!!!!!
Wow Mike!! What a great trip!! Hope ya get to meet a lot of our Aussi family & get lots of pics of them & their scoots & of the country & bring us lots of presents & neat stuff too!!! ;) ;) :biggrin:

No kidding man, have a great trip & ride safe!!:biggrin: 8)
Dear Mike, YOU SUCK! Just kidding, of course. That's awesome. Enjoy it enough for all of us envious folk and be safe.
Enjoy the vast land of Aussie......it will be a life experience. It is on my to-do list. :lol:
Wow! That is awesome! So you won't be in Australia saying "Man, this would be so much better on a motorcycle..." :)

Have fun!
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