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hi everyone
it was a really nice day here today
managed to get the bike out at last :lol:
went for a run to our local seaside town
met a few guys also out for a run.
sat and chatted for i while then i decided it was time i headed home.
just though id have a nice gentle run back :lol:
is it just me or do we all have a jeckle and hyde streak in us.
anyway i just pulled up at a set of traffic lights when a sort of new
yamaha fazer 600 pulled up next to me.
(am i allowed to say yamaha in here) :lol:
well the lights turned green and i dissapeared in a cloud of smoke away
up the road.
then i came to the next set of lights
i could see this guy again coming up along side me he was having a very
long look at my bike.
well again the lights changed and once again i took off like a scalded cat :lol:
then the next set of lights
this time he pulled up right next to me and lifted his helmet visor
what sort of bike is that thing he asked
i told him it was a 750h2 triple
and that it was over thirty years old

he shook his head in dismay.
he said he had never seen anything like that before

anyway lights green again and yes you guessed it :lol:
further up the road we had to part company
he went one way i went the other
riding side by side in different lanes we looked at each other and waved
i probably think he will be talking to his mates tonight
trying to explain to them what kept leaving him in smoke at the lights
anyway thats what biking is all about
fun and a bit of freindship with fellow bikers :wink:
anyway im probably boring you all to tears now so im going.

cheers everyone
safe biking


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re: meet

That sounds pretty cool... We had the crappiest weather here today in Ontario ... RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN!!!!!! But its been on and off.. oh well hopefully the next couple of weeks are good as the "warm weatger" riding season is slowly coming a stop here (I hope it takes as long as possible) :)

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that bike will surprise alot of folks :D

great story :wink:

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yeah, you're definitely allowed to say yamaha in here, my friend bought an R1 as his first bike even after I told him that he'd die on it and I'd disown him as a friend...long story shortened, my bike is 2 years older than I am, except the bike is fully rebuilt with a modified air intake...and his is less than 2 years old...

He's now owned the bike for a month and thinks that he has learned everything there is to know on the bike, so I asked him how fast he has went and if he was already being stupid trying to race people...he said 95 and yes all the time

So we are cruising along stopping at the lights for the entrance to the highway he revs his engine so indeed I must too and he yells a challenge...another long story short I was in 5th gear and goin 95 before he was in 4th and shifting poorly...

sad story but at least he is still alive after all his shenanigans
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