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oil change, Now oil Light on, HELP!

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I did my 600 mile service myself today. On my 2003 Vulcan 1600 classic. I drained the oil and went to put on the new filter. Well, the dealer gave me the wrong filter. I have the cartridge type that you can take out the element and the cover screws on over everything. The dealer gave my a spin on filter. So i look over the filter element and it looks pretty clean so I put it back on, fill with oil and check everything. Fire the bike up and take it for a spin around the block to circulate the oil so I can do a final oil level check and I notice the oil light is on and won't go off. Also bike seems to not want to shift into neutral easily. Anyone know whats going on?? HELP!!

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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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