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oil change, Now oil Light on, HELP!

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I did my 600 mile service myself today. On my 2003 Vulcan 1600 classic. I drained the oil and went to put on the new filter. Well, the dealer gave me the wrong filter. I have the cartridge type that you can take out the element and the cover screws on over everything. The dealer gave my a spin on filter. So i look over the filter element and it looks pretty clean so I put it back on, fill with oil and check everything. Fire the bike up and take it for a spin around the block to circulate the oil so I can do a final oil level check and I notice the oil light is on and won't go off. Also bike seems to not want to shift into neutral easily. Anyone know whats going on?? HELP!!

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first-are you sure you didnt put the filter in backwards ?
second- did you put ENOUGH oil in the bike ?
third-even the wrong weight oil will not cause this,hell even 80/90 weight gear oil will flow eventually and kick the light off at the sensor,esp. when warmed up
and finally, most of the cruiser filters nowadays are METAL SCREEN and actually can be cleaned,if they are the type you have on your bike. the spin on filters are NOT cleanable. if its paper/spin-on then you cant clean it.

so do these things, make sure you have ENOUGH OIL & the filter is in the CORRECT direction, DO NOT RIDE THE BIKE TILL YOU FIGURE THIS OUT ! if you put a new filter back in and check the oil and its correct the light should go out in less than 10secs MAX. !!

good luck
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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