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oil change, Now oil Light on, HELP!

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I did my 600 mile service myself today. On my 2003 Vulcan 1600 classic. I drained the oil and went to put on the new filter. Well, the dealer gave me the wrong filter. I have the cartridge type that you can take out the element and the cover screws on over everything. The dealer gave my a spin on filter. So i look over the filter element and it looks pretty clean so I put it back on, fill with oil and check everything. Fire the bike up and take it for a spin around the block to circulate the oil so I can do a final oil level check and I notice the oil light is on and won't go off. Also bike seems to not want to shift into neutral easily. Anyone know whats going on?? HELP!!

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I don't know that "I" would have done the 600 mile service on the bike...but, would revisit the dealerand chat with the manager and parts manager and tell them about the mess up with the Oil Filter...leading up to getting another oil filter and doing it all over yorself or loading it into the shop by tailer andhaving them undo whatever damage could have been done by the installation of a filter that they sold you. IF you choose to do the oil change over use the spec oil (already mentioned and get another filter (from the same dealer) and try it again. IF it fails to extuinguish the oil light....Take it into the shop!
Oil Filter

I think if the oilfilter was purchased from the dealer and you installed it and it ws defective of didn't fit you would have a valid complaint as to what they sold you, and partial responsability for any problems that occured. Mayn people want to save that hard earned money on service jobs by doing it yorself. Unless you are a certified mechanic I disagree with doing your own bike. I will work on most anybodys motor on cars but I refuse to work on my own unless I have no other option. They are responsable for checking a multitude of other things (sure to sell you some things too, but checking bolts, torque settings, and to many things to list here. Let them do their job and SUGGEST things to you that need replacing. the things that they do retorque should be covered by a warranty. They do get some money for doing this work from Kawasaki and they know all hte ways, ins and outs of all of the proceedures. I prefer t run more tire pressure in my tires than the dealer does, I also prefer to use my own chain oil, and after I get home after the chain is still warm, I take it out near the end of the drive way and lube it , roll it , lube more of it, roll it, lube it..untill I have the entire chain done then just park the bike so that only hte kickstnd is on te sidewalk or porch and it will not drip chain lube an dmak emy wife CRAZY about hte mess that I made (yeah, I did it once without papers on hte concrete...) They will advise you on air filter replacement/cleaning, changing spark plugs, all sorts of things that can bring them in some money. Let them earn their warranty money...it's important to catch loose blts in the suspension, steering, etc...
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