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Oil coming out of air filter area

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I recently started noticing small oil puddles under my engine after riding. I traced the "leak" back to my air filter area (the crankcase exhaust tube?). After doing some research, it appears that "blow-by" can cause this to happen. My bike has 20K miles on it, and it started leaking last fall after I had an 18K mile service performed by a Kawasaki dealer. During the service, they adjusted the valves and, of course, replaced the oil. Has anyone had experience with blow-by, and would changing the oil or adjusting the valves cause this to happen for some reason?

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I just checked the oil and it's in mid-range now. I don't notice the bike smoking either. If I have worn rings, will I see smoke? The funny thing about this problem is that it started almost right after I had the 18K mile service performed, which leads me to the cause being something that they did during the service. However, it may be just coincidence.

Also, I thought I had been noticing a lack in performance around the 50-60 mph range. It may be just my imagination, or it may be a hint as to what is causing the oil problem. Any suggestions as to what I can do to troubleshoot?

FYI, I have a K&M filter with Vance and Hines pipes. I bought it used and the person said it was rejetted. He got 53 hp readings when he measured the bike on the dyno. Other than that, everything else is stock.

Thanks again!
I have an 800 classic with about 20K miles on it.
Knightrider, thanks for the fantastic insight!

I'll get in touch with the dealer and let you know what happens.

Thanks again.
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