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oil light on after oil change

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i just changed my oil on my 01 ZX-6R, now the oil light is on and won't go out. :( i only ran the bike for a few seconds after i put the oil in. any suggestions
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Did you change the oil filter? If you did... after you changed the oil filter did you add more oil to replace the oil that went into the filter? It's normal for oil light to come on for a few seconds after initial start up as the oil pressure has to build up and fill the oil filter. Try that if you haven't already.

Imposter is right...When you start hte bike it is pumping oil, but it has to fill up the filter before continues pumping oil into the rest of the motor. till it fills up and there is oil pressure the light will remain on...start it again and let it run for about 15 seconds...it should go out...you should only have a real problem if you see oil running out all over the place...
On a car or truck if the filter mounts straight up then you can fill it most of the way before installing it to keep the minimum amount of time from filling hte filter...actually it won't hurt the motor, as the oil is still on the inside of the cylinder walls anyway.
thanks guys. i used a fram filter i noticed it as a little longer then the stock filter. i should have clued in. :oops:

IF I had your bike...you'd be mad! I mean, I'd be scared too when I started it and the light came on! I hope to sell my 74 Camaro soon...then I'll have the 250R and maybe enough left over for a new ZX-6 R or RR I don't care, as long as I can get something for cross country. My 250R will be my FUN bike and my 6 will be for my road and distance...the 250 will get so much gear...I'll be lucky to get 75-80 out of her... first through sixth, whoooooosh! (yep count them six "o" in there!
it's like "oooooo....yes!" I'm 51 years young and my records clean...I'm a lean, mean, old time machine, rock and roll.....baby, bring it on! I just have to find my own piece of US highway that's right for me an the bike and w8 2 b8 and reel the big boys in! Real estate! (s t8).
The Bat-cycle (250) will see some action again!
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