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I recently bought a 1986 Kawasaki 454LTD (see my profile pic). While I was riding this past weekend I noticed oil was spewing out from the sheath that encompasses the RPM cable just below the RPM cluster. The more the RPM's went up, the more oil would come out. There is no oil on the motor or any other part of the bike. Just here. I would like to know if this is likely a bad cable, cable seal, or something bigger like a head gasket or something.

To describe this, the RPM cable is attached to the top of the crank case, travels under the seat, then under the gas tank, and attaches to the back of the RPM cluster. This cable is covered by what appears to be a secondary thin, black rubber cover that acts as a protective skin, like a sock if you will, and also travels up from the top of the crank case but stops about 4 to 6 inches from the RPM cluster. This is where the oil is leaking out from. So, essentially, the oil is being pushed up from the crank case by the pressure from the increased RPM's. Definitely a problem, just not sure how big. Any help would be appreciated.

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