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Okay, what could I have possibly screwed up?!

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It goes like this--

A few weeks ago I decided to do a valve adjust and a carb-sync, seeing my dad do it the week before on his Concour I felt relatively confident. I drain the coolant, get everything apart, get the cylinder head off and realize I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm no longer in denial about not being "mechanically inclined". I put everything back together with no problems.

I go for a test ride. It seemed normal at first, however once I get up to about 4,000 rpm, or when I rev it hard, It doesn't go. It's like it struggles to do so. If I hold it at full throttle, it will eventually get up there, but it certainly doesn't want to.

I don't get it, I didn't change a thing. What could I have possibly done wrong?
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just go back thru what you pulled apart and make sure its all correct. might have crossed some vacumn lines or something simple.
good luck
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