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Okay, what could I have possibly screwed up?!

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It goes like this--

A few weeks ago I decided to do a valve adjust and a carb-sync, seeing my dad do it the week before on his Concour I felt relatively confident. I drain the coolant, get everything apart, get the cylinder head off and realize I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm no longer in denial about not being "mechanically inclined". I put everything back together with no problems.

I go for a test ride. It seemed normal at first, however once I get up to about 4,000 rpm, or when I rev it hard, It doesn't go. It's like it struggles to do so. If I hold it at full throttle, it will eventually get up there, but it certainly doesn't want to.

I don't get it, I didn't change a thing. What could I have possibly done wrong?
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ok.. the gasket on the cylindar head, was the gasket damaged? if it was it lost compression.. easy way to check for that is seeing if its been leaking oil, and the ajuster screws on the carburator.. it is probably possible it just isnt getting the fuel it needs at high rpms. or its flooding the carbs, just turn the screws all the way in.. and if its a twin the right cylindar should be a turn and a half more then the left. and the left should be three turns out.. if its any more then a twin its complicated, and i couldent tell you what to do.. but your owners manual will no, oh and about the valves.. do you hear a ticking? that gets worse when you rev up, adjust the intake for 6000ths and see if that solves your problem and 5500ths on the exahst.
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