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Old classic MC raised rom the dead.

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Here is the latest project.This was a non running Yamaha 1970 R5 Engine was froze.Runs good now.
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Nice job. Love the color.
Believe it or not the stock color in the specs list it as Metallic Purple.
Is that the stock size on the rear wheel?
Wow, that looks great.
Good job thanks for sharing.
I always liked the classic look. Great job, Thanks for sharing.
Very nice, I really wanted one of those. I had the LS2 version back in the day. Good job!
My first new bike was an RD350A in 1974. Essentially the same bike, but disk front brake and a few other improvements.

Back then, you could identify every bike (year, make, size) by its color.

It looks like yours is missing the airbox to carb hoses.
Very nice job, well done. This was the 350 to own in the day, none better in my opinion.
These R5's are a rather rare breed.You are right .It is basically the same as a rd350.The tire is stock.There are a few things that need fixing.
You guys have good eyes.The rear tire is flat.that might be why it looks bigger.Missing the hoses between the carb and airbox.Kind of a hard part to find.I suppose with all the different products one could find a hose to go between the carbs and the box.They were missing when I got the bike.Or put open pods on.But taking out that airbox is a *****.
I have no paperwork on it either.Regardless it is going on ebay tonight.It will have a very fair reserve.My ebay id is conesuscats if you want to follow it.
I love the color also,and if this bike gets a 100% inspection and on the rd it would be a blast.
They make awsome vintage racers also.
Note, it doesn't have turn signals.Doesn't even have wiring.Just the holes.The rear holes for the signals are still encased in factory plastic protectors.
I looked up the vin num.They started with 101 ended 13,0000,this is 1st year production right in the middle.
It will find a good home.
Thanks for the positive.
You guys are all right.
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