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On board Camera from knee draggin' C14

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Here is some on board camera from a little knee draggin' ride on my C14.........Good times!

Turn the volume down some because my microphone cover/ baffle blew off and the wind is a little loud!

YouTube - Knee Draggin' on new Concours 14
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I just want to know how you decide which bike to ride!!!!! :)
Which ever one is full of gas, has good tires or is closest to my desk! haha. They are both incredible bikes. I love em. All I can tell you is after I bought those two.......my R1 has been collecting dust.
I've got space in my garage and two son's who can keep that from happening for you! I'll put them on a plane to pick up the R1 any time you give me the word! :mrgreen:
They can have the bike for free but it costs $7500 to get in the building! :biggrin:
No, no, no.....they only want to keep it clean and appreciated for you! :biggrin:

I have the same "full of gas" problem that you do, except it's usually one of the boys who has emptied the tank on one or the other of the bikes. Basically, my gas mileage is cut in half on both bikes becuase I keep filling them up all the time! :eek:
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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