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On board Camera from knee draggin' C14

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Here is some on board camera from a little knee draggin' ride on my C14.........Good times!

Turn the volume down some because my microphone cover/ baffle blew off and the wind is a little loud!

YouTube - Knee Draggin' on new Concours 14
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looks like you were having some fun.
i always love to watch these type vids.
i'll get around to dropping a knee someday.
yesterday i was being followed by a motard and he said i was within inches.
guess it's time i get a suit with pucks
chased him down pinewood reservoir yesterday,i'll let you know when i've got the vid done.

It was a load of fun. I get to do it daily. One of the roads we have is ranked in the top 10 "must ride" motorcycle roads in the US. The vid was a snippet of that road. I actually think it is ranked #2.

You'll get that knee down. Your bike is probably far enough over, just need to scoot that body over a little more. Get them pucks and give it go.

I love the motards. Those things are unreal.

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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