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Ok here is my story for all you readers out there. I bought a 07 Z1000 for 3200 american dollars. The kid who sold me the bike didn't know any thing about it, he just rode for a month, was scared of it and sold it.
First thing that came up was the gas tank was full of rust, orange colored water and at the bottom of the pump was clay like mud. So I drained and tried to seal the tank. But in Arizona it's hot outside and I rushed the process and it turned out fair ly bad and had to fuel pump so ordered a new pump one of those quantum pumps, but couldn't find any video or pics of my 07 KZ1000 pump, so I put it back together best I could and no problems. Couple of rides later and I noticed that there was some excessive backfiring and the throttle was jerky at low rpms till about 4k.

So back to the fuel pump I went

I found that the miles weren't right because the cluster was off an 09z600.I don't know if the rpms were on to tune the idle to the proper rpm s the bike started to run bad enough that I called a tow truck and took it home.
Now after that was done , some one suggested that the injectors could be dirty so i tried to run it so that it might clean itself out but no luck and that's when it wouldn't even start up or cough with starting fluid.
There is good spark , the gap is correct , the only thing is the new tank dosent have the breather ports for the emissions.
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