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very old lady walks into the bank holding a large sack of money and wants to see the president of the bank.
pres comes and says may i help you? lil ole lady say yes,i'd like to deposit this 50k in the bank
pres says, good lord what are you doing walking around with that much cash,that's not safe
ole lady says well i make bets thats why i have all this cash
pres says bets? what kind of bets do you make?
well for example,i would bet you 10k that your balls are square!
pres says,that's ridiculous nobodys balls are square
ole lady says,if your so sure then bet me!!
pres says, ok its a bet 10k says my balls are not square
ole lady says, ok tommorow i'll be back with my lawyer as a witness and we''ll check your balls for squareness.
that nite banker goes home,getting a little nervous he checks his balls all over in the mirror making sure all is well-satisfied he retires for the nite

next moring 10am ole lady arrives with her lawyer and greets the pres.
asking him to remove his pants for a look at his balls
she then ask if she could hold them and move them around to ensure their roundness
banker says no problem for 10k you can check them all over

meantime the lawyer is across the room pounding his head against the wall time after time
the banker ask what the hell is wrong with your lawyer?
ole lady says,well he's a little upset cause last nite i bet him that by 10am this morning i would have the pesident of the bank's balls in my hands!!!!
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