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Petcock hitting frame

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I have a beater 92 EX500. Pulled all the plastic and pieced together a nice running bike.

After about 100 miles I notices a rattle with the tank. Turns out to be the petcock is hitting the frame...

The tank mounts are fine, they are not bent, and the rubber mounts for them are new (2 front and the flat one on the back).

Another data point is that I bought a 92 petcock rebuild kit and it didn't fit the petcock on the bike...

SO, is it possible this tank is off a 93+ bike? If so what's the difference besides the obvious problem I'm having?

I wonder if I can mount a 92 petcock on the 93+ tank (wondering if it's shorter or something).

(Sorry about the blurry pic, a little shakey due to the Xmas party the night before...)
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I don't know if the 93 will fit, but you have to be the first man I've ever known that wanted a shorter petcock! I'm sorry, just couldn't resist.

Someone will see this and answer you question here sooner or later.

I'll go away now........
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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