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photoshop help!!!!

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i am seriously considering painting my front and rear fender black and possibly highlighting it with some of the reflective material i recently purchased.
here's my problem.
i suck at paint.
i don't have photoshop and my imagination of the completed product is limited.

i know most of you are tired of seeing this pic,but it is the best one i think i have to provide for assistance.

or one of these may help!!

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Mike, you might want to take some cheap painters tape, and try designs that way. I'm sure someone with skills will be on here soon to help out.
actually tina,
that's kinda my idea.
the reflective i have is both red and gold.
gonna try to use a bit of it to make a few designs and racing stripes
I'm sure whatever you do will look good. Wish I could help with the Photoshop thing, but my skills aren't any better than yours!

do this be helpin?

Can't help you with the gold reflective stuff. It makes me itchy.

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helps a bit and thank you.
actually i meant the rear fender(tire spoiler),but this is a strange look...
i might like that!!!
that's it and thank you.

that might just work!!!
I would have thought this was more along your lines.

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I would have thought this was more along your lines.

Bro, you have to do this one! :D
that is so wicked!!!
i have a seat cowl that a friend airbrushed for me awhile back in dragon scales.
i just have yet to ask him if he woul like to do the tail end for me.
the skull thing is wicked.....really
here's a photoshop play pix of my bike.

Wow, the bike looks great, but you need some serious lawn care help. Your grass and trees are turning blue:eek: ;)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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