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Pic of New EXO-100 helmet

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New EX0-100 Helmet.

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Awwkk, I'm only half blind!

Looks like it fits. Hows it feel?
Fit is very good. It's a large. The Nolan 102 I have is an XL. The liner is removable so it can be changed to provide a custom fit if needed. I think the only other half helmet that has a removable liner is HJC . Seems to be built well. The shield operates with ease. It's not the darkest tint but that may come in handy. Visor removal is easy and clean when removed.
I like it. Hope you dont mind if I copy...
Everyone getting new gear!! :cool: I want some too! :grin:
Love the eye shield, I Love the Scorpion Product
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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