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Pink Gear

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My girlfriend asked half jokingly if she could get a pink helmet. That got me thinking that pretty much all of the motorcycle gear I've seen seems to have fairly masculine styling. Even jackets and pants for women seem to be the same "style" as the mens but cut differently to fit.

Don't take this as sexist, I'm not saying women always wear pink. Even my girlfriend doesn't, but she can get a little fanatic about it sometimes. She was disappointed when I told her my white Kitchen Aid mixer would probably last forever because she was looking for a reason to buy the pink one she saw in the store.

So, any recommendations for places to buy "feminine" styled helmets and other gear? I wonder if they make pink leathers.
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my friends sister recently bought a moped and she got a helmet colour matched to the bike, i havent seen this helmet and as such i dont know the style but you may be able to get a matched helmet (i think the ped is a vespa?) dont know if they do a pink ped but if they do they will have a helmet to match it.
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