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Pipe's For My VN1600 Classic ?

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i am looking @ getting a set of pipes , i will be 99.9% going with Cobra's . what are members opinion's on the best looking & sounding pipe for the VN1600 Classic ?

here are my choice's , in order of preference .

1 = speedster longs
2= dragsters
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I just put a set of Cobra Speedster Slashcuts on my 1600 Classic. I'm doing a custom paint job and some other alterations and the bike is not back together yet after I dumped it in October so no pics. Though I have installed the the Slashcuts I haven't been able to fire them up. Here's some links of a MeanStreak 1600 with the Slashcuts. I guess they would sound the same. They kinda sold me on the pipes. Of course the fact that I bought them brand new in the factory sealed box on eBay for $259.00 helped sway me a little too. :lol:

YouTube - 1600 MEANIE with a new set of cobra slashcuts

YouTube - 2006 Kawasaki Mean Streak

YouTube - 2006 Kawasaki Mean Streak
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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