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Piston Safe Straights?

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I''ve started my 97 VN750 Bobber Winter project yesterday by digging into the exhaust. I took the charcoal Pre-muffler off the bike, and re-attached the rear muffler/baffle tips. It's loud as hell.

I'm wanting to use as much factory header pipe as possible, but I want to run the rear/left side jug pipe under the swingarm to the right side.

The thought here is, if I put a 12 inch baffle in the long/front jug pipe, wrapped with the fiberglass silencer pack... In addition, doing two six inch baffles wrapped in the silencer pack on the short/left/rear jug pipe, the sound will come out less "tin-ee" and more throaty.

Not looking for that big twin sound, but it sounds like a big *** weedwacker at the moment.

I thought a 2 into 1 supertrapp muffler might give me the sound I want, but then I forfiet the stripped look.

Any suggestions?
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I got an idea from this web site called tweek's ride or something. All I did was take a grinder to the out side of the stock pipes just enough to grind of the weld, drilled a hole and pull and bamm! I thought it was a nice throaty sound. However I plan to take the jugs off and weld some more straight pipe on and give it a slash cut look.
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