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To do my best not to babble, I’ve had my bike for 2 years "03 Vulcan 800-A". Being an adrenalin junky along with the "why the H#$L not?" chip on my shoulder, I’ve come to the conclusion I’m going to strip my bike to bare bones an turn in for nitro. Based on what Mr. Edelbrock did in the late 40's and early 50's with the junk motors where made out of... why not. I’m not talking about running 85-95% like the pros. God knows nothing would live after the first blip of the throttle.

Going out on a limb an doing what research I have time for "Doing another tour in Iraq- Lame" has led me to believe my motor can take 35% without blowing apart like a hand grenade. I'm having trouble finding the coldest spark plugs around and much larger jets. I'm making my own headers when I return home, so as to keep down on back pressure.

Best time to date with the bike is 14.48 on quarter mile. only mod was the air filter taken out... that dropped .40 off trap time "really dirty"

Anyone ever tried such a thing?... advice welcome
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