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Okay, first I confess this is not on a Kawi bike. But you guys were very helpful when I had my 900, and I'm hoping this is a generic problem.

My VTX1800, 2007, bought with 0 miles a month ago, and now has 900 miles is venting fuel through the overflow hose. I first noticed it after fill up, riding about 30 miles, then parking in sun at work. But now, with 110 miles on the 4.8 gallon tank, it is still dripping. Took a 60 mile ride (in the dark) and stopped in the middle and the hose end was dry. After getting back home and the bike parked a few mins, it started dripping again. Seems to stop after 20-30 mins.

The cooling fan is working normally. The overflow hose seems to be attached under the left side of the tank. With a flashlight I can see a copper looking tube coming into the tank there and going up.

What should cause the hose to drip when operating normally? Assuming it is similar for all such bikes, is there a section of the tank that gets some gas in it and would cause this? Could the gas cap be involved?

From a few dark spots on the concrete under the hose end where I park I presume this has been happening and I've not noticed.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.
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