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Please let me know if this is a good deal ??

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In prior thread I have commented that I wanted to go a little wider on the rear tire and beside going wider, hopefully get rid of that gap between the fender and tire.

Someone made an offer to me in exchange to my stock parts and this is what they offered me...please let me know if it sounds good to you.

This are the prices I can give you for the wheels ( my cost) if I keep your original stock.

Your price Regular price
Front wheel 21 x 3.5 = $920.00 $1170.00
Front pulley = $160.00 $200.00
Tire mounted = $125.00 $176.00
Rear wheel 18 x 5.5 = $1015.00 $1275.00
Tire 200 mounted = $170.00 $270.00
Pulley = $420.00 $550.00
fee = $60.00

Total of = $2870.00 $3641.00 = $771

if i turn over the original parts of my bike to him, I will be saving $771.00, but i dont know if this is a good deal and if that rim good for a tubeless tire.... and im scared to turn over the original parts and end up with parts that are no good for my bike which is a 07 vulcan 900 custom.

attached is the rim the guy is offering me....

please give me your opinion...i only have a few days to answer him...


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