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PLEASE, PLEASE Be Careful!!!

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TrashMonkey said:
Yesterday morning here in TN a man was killed on his motorcycle while at an intersection when an 18 wheeler decided not to stop for a traffic light. Watch those intersections, and never assume anyone is stopping or that they see you!!! Times like these we should remember our MSF training. Just wanted to tell everyone to be safe!
:shock: :shock: whoa, thats terrible....be careful every one :( :(
doesnt that cause premature clutch wear?
i see, so the clutch in cycles last longer than ones in cars?
Curt said:
ski said:
i see, so the clutch in cycles last longer than ones in cars?
No. But if you treat a clutch right, it will last the life of the vehicle. I've been driving for about 25 years, and almost all of that on vehicles with a clutch. I've never had to replace a clutch on a single one of them in all those years. And I've put hundreds of thousands of miles on those clutches.

How do I do it? It's easy. Clutches wear because people let them slip. So just don't give it a chance to slip, and it will last for ages.

Step 1: take it easy in first gear. This ain't the drag strip here. Give the engine a comfortable amount of gas, but don't rev it up. Then let out the clutch gently but quickly. Then give some more gas for acceleration.
Step 2: when shifting, press in the clutch quickly, shift, use the gas to control the engine speed to match the clutch, then let out the clutch. You should have essentially no clutch wear in any gear except first, and not much in first.
cool, thanks for the advice 8)
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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