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I have a slight popping sound when the engine is cold. I first thought it was a misfire....but the engine sounds like Chug, chug, poof, click. Seems like the clicking/poping is unsync...it happens at low rpms mostly when cold.

I noticed the poof sound may be coming from the carb. Like maybe i have a vacuum leak. The clicking sound happens unsync also, but seems to be happening in the starter clutch when engine is cold...or at low rpms. When the sound does occur, the engine almost dies. At high rpms both sounds go completly away. I think i'm going to fix the vacuum leak and see if that takes care of the problems. I noticed the front intake boots are cracked, but when i sprayed carb cleaner next to them, the engine didn't bog down like there was a leak If anyone has any recommendations...please....post them.

Also, how critical should the back of the carb boots be sealed.. Mine don't seal well.

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