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Don't know if any of you have seen the world biker buildoff? Anyways as some of you may know that I am fixing up the Ninja 250 as My 900 got rammed by a truck..... I happen to call around a few shops and found one about 10 minutes from my house and wallah! It happens to be the same guys that did the "Exile" bikes powder coating.

I ended up going with powdercoating because to get the Ninja 250's rims to be completely polished would end up costing more money then I was willing to put into it. If I was gonna keep her, I might have chromed them, but I am looking to make her look good without going overboard.

For those that are not familiar with Powdercoating motorcycle rims it is important that your powdercoater knows what they are doing and not cook your rims in too high of a temperature. Too high of a temp will cause your rims to become brittle and if you hit a pot hole to hard you could end up with a broken rim.

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