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I've got problems ridding around town in 3rd gear. Keep finding myself going 05-10 mph over the speed limit without realizing it.

Have a 55mph 2 lane road running around part of town. In 4th gear crusing 55 is fine however, it seems that it's lugging the engine when in 5th and going only 55mph.

I'm on the interstate daily now & running 75ish in 5th. No problem at all & even this seems a tad to slow.

Have had the bike up to 110 mph & she had lots of throttle left. Ain't taken her any faster & don't plan on it anytime soon.

Think I've got aprox 270 miles on the bike so far. Don't want to run the piss out of her yet, but I hate the break in speeds as they seem to lug the crap out of the motor. I'd rather drive it nice and easy within it's gear range while taking it up nice & easy & then back down slowly. However, I got to admit I ran her hard & parked her hot when we had a call for a SUV Vs motorcycle call today :oops: :oops:

Biker had a broken ankle, some nice road rash (light denim jacket) & a really badly scratched helmet. Da helmet saved his life or at least his brain functions. He should be home tonight 8) 8)
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