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dvoiselle: I also owned a 2003 volusia and put approx. 5900 mi. on it before I sold it this March. In March I purchased a 2003 Vulcan 1600 and now have approx. 2900 mi. on it. It rides smoother, is less effected by the wind, definately has more torque, and has more power. You can accelerate to around 45mph in 1st gear. It is not a speed demon, the Honda 1800 will leave it without much effort. It also doesn't handle as well in the parking lot as the lighter and sharper turning vol. All this said I am really enjoying this bike. Most of my rides are to the beach which is about 60 mi. away and on trips is where this bike shines. Back to your question, the 1600 accelerates faster and unless you race it has more get up and go than you will ever want or need.
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