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I have an 81 KZ440 with a slight tapping/clicking sound comming from the motor/tranny area. At first i thought it was the valves so i reset them. That wasn't it....so then i turned to the automatic cam chain tensioner....i took that off...put it back on....that wasn't it. So i listened closer. The tapping/clicking noise happens above 3,000rpms and seems to be comming from the tranny area. The bike has 21,000 miles on it...so i'm just wondering if it's the primary chain? Could it be loose and perhaps rubbing against the cover? The noise seems to point in that exact location. If so, how hard is it to replace? Or should it be replaced? Can it be tightened?

I honestly think the noise has been there for several months now....just the valve tapping has covered up the noise. Also it could have been because i was using a thicker oil 20W50....vs what i have in there now. 10W40.

NOt only this...but the noise doesn't happen until the engine is good and warm. Anyways, if anybody has any info for me....it's greatly appreciated...

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