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i just got my first bike, a Kawasaki ZL400

I only have one problem, every morning i have to warm it up manually.

the procedure i do is this.

1. pull on the choke
2. start the engine
3. when the engine is running with the choke it goes to 4,000 RPM
4. i then rev it manually and disengage the choke
5. i have to keep the throttle on as the idling needs to be adjusted.
6. adjust the idling until rev is over 1,000 rpm
7. leave the bike for awhile then bike RPM goes up to 2,000RM
8. i adjust idling to 1,000RPM, leave the bike for awhile again
9. bike rev goes up again to 2,000 rpm, i adjust again idling to 1,000
at about the third time adjusting the idling the bike begins to stabilize.

one thing i notice is that on the start i hear a clicking sound on the engine, but once the bike engine has stabilized the clicking is gone as well and the bike performs well.


my fuel consuption is at 10Km per liter

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You probably need a good carb cleaning. Take carbs off the bike and clean with carb cleaner.

Also check to make sure that all your vacuum tubes are not pinched and your vent line is clear as well.
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