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Problem shifting to top 3 gears

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Bought a used '06 Ninja 650R this past week and finally retiring my ' 03 Ninja 250. I have a problem that was wondering if anyone could help me with. When shifting through the gears, the first three shift smooth and easy but when shifting to fourth fifth and sixth gear, I have to force and fight it.

For example:

I am sitting at a red light on the highway. The light turns green and begin going through the gears... no problem... until 4th gear, I pull the clutch in and lift the shifter up... let off the clutch and WHAM... I am still in 3rd gear. After repeating and really lifting hard on the shifter it goes into 4th... The same thing happens in 5th and 6th. Downshifting is smooth as silk all the way down.

Never had this problem with my old bike so I am clueless... any help would be deeply appreciated.
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I have no info besides the fact that it is not supposed to happen. Sorry bud.
Adjust the shift rod...He could have adjusted it for his needs. I keep my shift rod really low so that shifting is really quick. Try that...If that does not work, take it to the dealer.
Could be a bent shift fork. Park the bike, turn it off, and manually go through the gears. If it is still fights you sitting still, you have a larger problem than a shift rod.
When parked the bike will not go above neutral, will it?
Pull the clutch lever in. You should be able to put it in any gear.
Can you take a pic of the shifting rod and post it? A2rider could be right but the bike's an '06 so I would think that it would be something simple. How many miles on the bike?
I'll take a picture when I get off from work. The bike has a little under 500 miles on it.

Edit... Found a picture that may help

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I looked at the shift lever and noticed that there is dot on both the lever and shaft... they are aligned, so the shift lever is in the stock position.
Is the bike still under warranty?
No its not under warranty.
Post it on here. They might be able to help.

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Pull the clutch lever in. You should be able to put it in any gear.
but you may have to rock it a bit to get the gears to line up....
Did you get this bike from a dealer or private party? Only 500 miles and a shift problem? It probably hasn't had it's first oil change yet....I would change the oil and adjust the clutch first, see what happens then.
The oil had been changed cause it had a K&N filter on it. I went ahead and changed it anyways as well as adjusted the clutch. Didn't help, but I noticed my boots weren't allowing the shifter to come all the way back down. It is shifting fine now. Thanks for the suggestions!
Good deal, Bigfoot :)
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