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I've had a problem recently getting my bike started. It is known to fould plugs pretty bad, but once I replace the spark plug it ususally starts again. I know that I am getting a spark and have compression.

The three things that I am trying figure out are:

1) Does this bike actually have a fuel filter and where is it?

2) Could the float be stuck causing the bike to flood, if so how do you adjust it.

3) When a bike is flooded, what is the easiest way to get the fuel out of the bowl, or unflood it.

If someone wouldn't mind emailing me at [email protected] with an answer I would appreciate it.

This is about to drive me crazy and make me want to buy a four stroke as the KLX 125 my son has has neer had a problem starting.

Thanks for your help.


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Problem starting KX 125

I just sent you an email per your question.

I had the same problem with my KX125 its an 04

Its your jetting, If the plug is oily when it fouls its running to rich in the carb and the jetting is in need of adjustment.

Adjusting your jetting is simple.

Let me know if you still need some assistance, I should be able to walk you through adjusting the jetting.
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