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Problems starting 2003 KX 125

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I've had a problem recently getting my bike started. It is known to fould plugs pretty bad, but once I replace the spark plug it ususally starts again. I know that I am getting a spark and have compression.

The three things that I am trying figure out are:

1) Does this bike actually have a fuel filter and where is it?

2) Could the float be stuck causing the bike to flood, if so how do you adjust it.

3) When a bike is flooded, what is the easiest way to get the fuel out of the bowl, or unflood it.

If someone wouldn't mind emailing me at [email protected] with an answer I would appreciate it.

This is about to drive me crazy and make me want to buy a four stroke as the KLX 125 my son has has neer had a problem starting.

Thanks for your help.

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They tend to come over jetted. On my 2002 I droped both the main and piolet jet down one. The plug is a nice tan color now not the black and soaked like it was before
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