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I have an ZR7 from 2002 and I have a little problem with the fueltank.
Its the overfill protection that is leaking so petrol is dripping from the hose under the engine/centralstand.

My questions is what happens if I just plugged that hose. Does the tank also get air from that hose so if I plugged it the tank gets a vaccum and after I while the engine stops?

There is 2 hose down under the engine, this one and another that came from the front of the tank, were the levelmeter of gaslevel is. Maybe the tank gets air from the other hose.

I solved the problem temporary by putting a little container were the gasoline ends up now and a little now and then I empty it.

I hope you understand what i mean, speak and spell lousy english(i´m from sweden). And thanks for all the help you may give me.
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