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I hope that this could help out someone with the Vega cold weather/breath deflector that can be purchased all over the place, and definitely help with the installation.


Definitely closes off the air vents on the lower front and side of the helmet, and to me looks racer cool. Has to help in a major way with visor freeze, a problem I had for a couple of years now. Haven't had an chance to test it, it got really cold, like vehicles don't want to start cold. But I have no doubt it will help.


Took a good couple of hours to figure out how to install it, maybe I'm dense, but I had to do things that I am not sure I am comfortable to do. The chin gets zero protection, I think they could integrate a lower shield too. Did I mention installation?


I got this in a deal with a bunch of other stuff, but I see them all over e-bay for $8.95 plus shipping. Came in an official Vega package w/ zero instructions. I believe that if they printed the instructions, they would not sell any. Doubt if they do anyway. Maybe for the snowmobile crowd, they offer electric shields and shields for tear offs too.

Considering that Vega and Vox and Nitro all use the same face shields I will assume that this will work for all of them too.


I tried everything: hooking it to the removable liner attach points, the shield, everything. Got my old Vega out of the car and decided that I would MAKE it fit. Tried pushing it down between of the the fiberglass and the chin guard like I did on my old Shoei, too big. Finally got mad and bent the chin guard material away from the fiberglass, like 2-3 inches in the middle, and jambed the guard in there. Hey! That looks right! Some adjustment, and it all seems to work. There seems to be some adjustment to make it fit better in a couple of points with elastic and velcro, but it was such a pain that I don't want to take it out. And I am not sure I want to install it in my new helmet, so the old helmet right now is gonna be my cold weather helmet.

Something about bending the chin guard material bothers me. It pops right back to the original position, and doesn't look to affect any crash worthiness by manipulating the material. but the attachment could be soooo much better. I am not sure if other helmets work this way, and maybe I am bickering about a common problem. I still don't like it.

But I sure will use it, and hope to end my breath freezing on my shield on those cold mornings that will turn nice after the sun comes up. Will I put it in the new helmet? Maybe, if it works good. Stay tuned.
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