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Put my risers on

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What a difference! I don't feel like I'm reaching for the bars any more. The only problem is that I've only tested them out sitting in the garage. Our street is still too icy to ride on, so I have to wait a few more days to get out. But it's supposed to be nice all week, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for later this week.

Now to get a warm enough day to put my new grips on...
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That's too funny. My cousin asked me if I put snow tires on my bike in the winter. :D
Well, Phatboy, I got the PhatRisers! :D

They look nice and the fit is perfect.
Yes, I got them at Scootworks. Nice folks there.
I'll take some pics tomorrow. It's really dark out in our garage, and it'll be sunny tomorrow.

I got my lowers today, too, and put them on, as well as my rack. Only things left to add are my ISO grips (waiting until it's warmer) and highway bars and I'm done until next season.

I think...

You know, it kind of reminds me of what my husband told his ex-wife once. He told her (tongue-in-cheek, of course) that next time she got gas she should ask the attendant to replace the air in her tires. She asked why, and he told her that the air gets stale and doesn't work well, so you have to replace it ever so often to keep the tires in good shape.

So she actually asked the attendant to do it for her. She was pretty pissed when she found out her husband had put one over on her. Wish I could have seen that attendant's face.

1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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