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Quarter turn throttle kits

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Does anyone know a good place to order quarter turn throttle kits for a 01' zx-7r and a 99 zx-9r. So far the only place i can find them in Lockhart Phillips. Thanks for any help.
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You mght try Motion Pro. They are more dirt oriented but may be able to fix you up. I have a 1/4 CR250 MX throttle on my Raptor and I know Motion Pro makes a good product.
For the benefit of nemethjames1, a 1/4 throttle enables a rider to go from closed to wide open in 1/4 turn. All MX dirt bikes and many sport quads have them.
I agree...unless he has the ultimate throttle control:?
If you do locate one, Just remember to keep your elbows up to prevent accidental throttle opening.:razz:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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