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I just bought my 2002 Ninja 500r and I wanty to change the brake pads, can anyone give me a part # recomendation or even a company that makes them that is good.,.. are these things complicated to change?

... Thanks

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The brake pads aren't difficult to change. I pulled my front pads last year when a rock got stuck in less than 5 minutes and had them back in.

I heard that EBC makes really good Kevlar brake pads. I got a set for my car and they were a big difference over my stock ceramic pads.

They do make them for the Ninja 500.

Check out www.newportcycleparts.com or contact Beartooth Kawasaki and see if they carry them.

http://www.newportcycleparts.com Prices are:
EBC Organic (Kevlar) Pads Fronts (FA129-SN): $27.95
EBC Organic (Kevlar) Pads Rear (FA67/3): $24.95

EBC Double H Sintered Pads Fronts (FA129HH-SN): $29.95
EBC Double H Sintered Pads Rear : Not Available

If You Want To Know More About EBC Brakes, check out their website at http://www.ebcbrakes.com .
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