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question about jetting

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Hi everyone! Well I am back with another issue with the 89 zx-10. Got it running with help from the dealer. Here's the deal, after pulling the plugs and checking they are very carboned up. The mechanic says that the jetting was not replaced, but he recommended maybe readjusting the jets to run leaner. Now, I have a full Muzzy header system on the bike. Would it be best to go with a jet kit or try and adjust stock jets? I have been reading about something called the "Flow Commander" and it sounds like it might be something worth trying. Anyhow I am at wits end with the beast as this last time I rode it I got at least 300-400 miles before the plugs fouled out and it would only run on 2-3 cyclinders. Can anyone offer any advice? Would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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maybe my 2 cents isnt worth 1 cent but ill throw mine in. i have a 91 zx11 and had a similiar problem. id ride the bike for about 500 miles sometimes longer and my spark plugs would foul out with carbon. it would start to run off maybe 2 cylinders. and i was thinking maybe it was running too rich but that wasnt the case it was fouling out from oil because soon after, she started blwing out smoke. valve stem seals are shot on mine. working on getting them fixed here real soon maybe that is what the problem is with yours. mine started acting just like yours. i would pull the carbs off and just take a peek at the intake valves and see if they are wet with oil.
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