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I demo'd a Voyager this weekend and I noticed a stark contrast between the engine on the Vger and the engine on my Vulcan. The 'snappiness' that my Vulcan has is not present on the Voyager. In short, the engine and drivetrain feels a little sloppy.

Now before I started to judge I figured that a demo'd bike was probably not broken in properly and gets beat on everytime someone rides it. There was also allot heat at the end of the ride (going from high speeds, to slow speeds).

For those of you that own one of these bikes, what is your opinion of this, is it a demo problem or is this how the 1700 are?

One last question, does the windshield feel like it's not doing anything but keeping the bugs off you? What I mean is that it doesn't feel like I'm getting that pocket that you would get on (for instance) the Road Glide with there big window on it.
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