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A friend of mine has a new bike with about 20 miles on it,he wants aftermarket pipes.The question is does a person have to wait till his break-in service to install pipes?His break-in is at 500 miles his dealer said he could do pipes & rejet now so tell me what you think.

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Your going to get 100 different opinions on this . There's to many dealers else where doing the pipe an intake mod's before people take delivery of there bike. HD for one. So if it's so bad on the engine then why do they do it? Either its bad for it or not. Hey mangler you noticed I didn't give my opinion. :grin: :grin:
Mangler said:
Yeah so what do you think partner??? I value everyones opion around here this is a great family we have here.
I'll tell you mangler I'm trying to stay away from these type of threads you know the kind ( oil,helmet,intake type) But now that you got me in here Da*mn'it :grin: I give you mine as well . I think the way you break it in has more to do with seating the rings than the back pressure or lack of it. I swapped out my intake an pipes around 800 mi. SO are you happy now Mangler? :grin: :p
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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