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Quick I need Carb HELP!!!!!!

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ok so I got my carbs off the bike today and just broke them down now I am assuming the parts I took out so far are trash but I have ran into a problem, I think I have the wrong rebuild kit because the gaskets are a diffrent shape, the float needle looks like its the same size minus the wear and tear on the old one but Im not sure. will someone take a look and tell me whats up, the old gasket dosnt have any cracks or anything so would it be ok to leave it in the grove and reseal it when I put it back on if the rest of the parts fit:confused: heres some pics

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just put the float bowls back on with the old gaskets. If they didnt leak before, you should be fine. As long as the other parts, you're gonna have to use your best judgement if they are the same or not, cant tell from here.
yea I think there a little off so I sent the store a email and well see how that works out
If you bought a generic aftermarket rebuild kit, I'd be very careful using anything other than the float valve. The cheap aftermarket kits are known for not being very accurate, and often cause more problems than they cure. When in doubt, order only the parts you need, and get them from Kawasaki.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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