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Rain + Oil + Sudden Stops = bad!

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I was riding around last night in north San Antonio in the rain. The wet roads really arent that bad, it is more the fact that San Antonio has terrible drainage and that every time it rains, alot of the roads flood like you wouldnt believe. For example, the moron city engineers built a major road, on a dry creek bed. Now what exactly do they think will happen to it every time it rains?

Well anyways...back to the point. I was riding around on a fairly long road that has quite a few businesses as well as very few puddles. Because it was raining I decided to swing by an Auto Zone to buy a shammy or some kind of cloth to dry off my mask which was covered in little tiny dropplets that are too small to be blown away by wind. As I am going along, I realize that I almost missed my turn, so I pull on the brakes and change into the left lane to turn. Ok, I didnt really pull on the brakes...the more accurate term would be grabbed. My rear wheel locked up due to the slick roads and I began fish tailing. This caused my to panic slightly and I just released the front and rear brake....and the clutch. (WHOOPS!) I almost was flung into oncoming traffic because my rear wheel began spinning and the bike was pointed in a different direction than I was headed!!!

Moral / Cliffnotes: When your rear tire locks up, make sure the clutch is pulled in before you let out the brake!
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Glad you weren't hurt.

Some of the slickest parts of the road is at stop lights and stop signs especially after it rains and the water brings the oil to the surface.
We can't forget about those big steel plates that they put on the road after they have been digging. i was coming around a curve one day and came up on one of those. I knew the curve real well and was going pretty fast but what I didn't know was that **** thing was there :? I didn't see it untill I was right up on it because of the shade and I did get a little squirrly but I recoved quickly.
Re: plate

ispeed77 said:
good call on those plates, i had forgotten about my near miss this year. i was on a main secondary road, late at night, probably going around 50mph. i noticed a construction barrel on the sidewalk a few hundred feet ahead of me. about 50 feet before the barrel, the pavement ended, and large rocky gravel began. just as the bike was almost sideways, boom, up onto one of them plates, about a six inch jump. and then, of course, as soon as the plate ended, back to the gravel. my buddy was riding staggered back from me on the road side so he was able to go around it, but couldn't figure out how my bike did not go down. i was livid and was heading to the state police barracks when i remembered that the contractor doing the work is politically connected, which is why they get those jobs. man, that sucked, i was not happy.

Man, that could have been nasty. The one I hit there were no construction warning signs or anything. I'm thinking if I would have crashed they would have been re naming the city after me because I would have sued someones @ss :p
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